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Our comprehensive Operational Review & Risk Assessment helps identify areas of inefficiencies such as operational quality/effectiveness or missed opportunities and deficiencies which poses risks and noncompliance with rules/regulations.

Synergy offers a broad range of Business & Consulting services for clients to manage their school's day-to-day operations more efficiently.

Clients operating a school or training facility must comply with rules & regulations as required by federal, state, and/or any other regulatory agency (e.g. accrediting agency). 

Our Trusted Industry Compliance Gurus will support and provide guidance every step of the way to help ensure clients remain compliant.

Most higher education consulting firms including independent consultants – only offer services in certain areas (e.g. financial aid, accreditation, academics, etc.) or functions of higher education administration. 

Synergy & Associates, LLC was established to bridge the gap – providing a broad range of higher education consulting services by seasoned consultants with extensive and practical hands-on industry knowledge and expertise of the overall campus administration, operations, management and compliance of single and multi-campus institutions and training facilities.


Our all-encompassing approach of consulting services in all areas (e.g. admissions, accreditation, academics, distance education (online), financial aid, VA, other forms of financial assistance, student accounts, budget/finance, campus operations, training & development, and overall institutional compliance) of higher education enables us to provide superior quality service for our clients.