Our comprehensive Operational Review & Risk Assessment will identify areas of inefficiencies (e.g. operational quality/effectiveness, missed opportunities) or deficiencies (e.g. risks and noncompliance with rules/regulations)

We offer a wide range of Business & Consulting services for clients to manage their school's day-to-day operations more efficiently.

When you're operating a school or training facility, you must comply with rules & regulations required by federal, state, and/or any other regulatory agency (e.g. accrediting agency). 

Our Trusted Industry Compliance Gurus are there when you need us - to support and provide guidance every step of the way to help you remain compliant.


"Several years ago, we were referred to Chris Lee to conduct a review of our school’s catalog including policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Chris and his colleague met with our team to better understand our business practices and they left no stones unturned. They are very proficient in effectively managing and completing most of their work remotely and collaborating with us through web-based conference call, desktop sharing, and secure file sharing. We were very impressed with their level of expertise, professionalism, meticulousness, and creative strategies for developing and implementing changes, which significantly improved upon our processes to help us remain compliant.


We have continued our working relationship with Chris and his team at Synergy & Associates, LLC for their extremely knowledgeable and reliable expertise in regulatory compliance and business process improvements."




40+ Years of Combined Experience

We have the know-how that you need

Many consulting firms including independent consultants specialize in certain areas or functions of higher education (e.g. financial aid, accreditation, academics). 

Synergy & Associates, LLC was established to bridge the gap – we specialize in financial aid and veterans education benefit programs to include a wide range of higher education consulting services by seasoned consultants with extensive, practical hands-on industry knowledge, and expertise in campus administration, operations, management and compliance of single and multi-campus institutions and training facilities.


Our all-encompassing approach to our consulting services covering all areas of higher education enables us to deliver superior quality service for our clients.

© 2020 Synergy & Associates, LLC (“Synergy”) is a consultancy firm. Synergy is not a CPA  or law firm and does not 1) engage in auditing/attestation standards established by the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); 2) provide or offer legal advice.